If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart."

Nelson Mandela

About Me

✅ Native Brazilian Portuguese speaker.

✅ Native English speaker and writer.

✅ More than 19 certificates, including TOEFL and  CPE

✅ Spanish translator

✅ Translator since 2012.

✅ Over 1000 jobs completed throughout 10 years of professional experience.

✅ Translator for top translation agencies in Brazil.

✅ 100% HANDMADE. No automatic translation tools, only true technical EXPERTISE.

✅ SEO Writer in all 3 languages (portuguese, english and spanish)

✅ Simultaneous Interpreter

✅ Consecutive Interpreter

✅ Expert in Medical and Legal translations.

✅ Assisted in big projects for the Brazilian Government.

✅ Intern of Medicine.

Articles and blogposts

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Arts marble and granite: benefits of hiring a custom-design stone store for your kitchen

Having trouble choosing your custom-design stone store? Surely, renovating any kitchen is no easy task nor is it the cheapest. It involves choosing the right materials and tools; designing the layout and placement of appliances and utensils; optimizing and making better use of space; working through any potential issues with plumbing, electrical and with the initial physical structure of the place.

How to become a Bitcoin trader? | Cryptocurrency

Do you want to trade Bitcoin (BTC) in the cryptocurrency market and make money while trading? In the first place, you should know that there isn’t any magic pill guiding you to the main target. However, if you have proper knowledge of trading, it’s quite possible to become a BTC trader and achieve good profit. This article will assist you to set off on this adventure. Now, you’ll learn essential tips that will help you to become a good trader. Let’s get it started! First of all, you don’t need

Which cryptocurrency to invest in, and how to correctly analyze it?

Which cryptocurrency to invest in? – Introduction Which cryptocurrency to invest in? The answer to this question is far from simple, especially since there are currently a high number of options in the cryptocurrency market. As such, it is very important to surround yourself with the best information to evaluate these assets. Consequently, we have prepared this article, in which we list important cryptocurrencies in the market today. In addition, we will demonstrate which factors should be tak